Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Hide & seek

      Hide & Seek 
      “Ready or not here I come” I  heard Oliver and Hamish yell and I still hadn’t found a space to hide.  My palms were sweating. I was thinking so hard, behind the bushes? No, too prickly, behind the - found you! I heard a loud and clear voice yell and that meant they were close by. There was no time to think, even though I knew it’s going to feel like a hundred pins pricking me, I just hid behind the bush. There were two reasons I didn’t want to hide in a bush. One, because it was prickly. Two, now and then I’ll get found easily because there is a huge hole in the bush,  but it was better than getting found straight away. As the seekers ran past me I came out of the bush. My body was paining all over. Where should I hide “ I  moaned “ but then I realized I was standing in front of the perfect spot, the tree. I quickly got up the tree and climbed as high as I could and got behind the branches. As everyone got found I stayed in my spot. And soon there was bunch of people who got found. I thought the game was still going and some people were just cheating because they just ran away back to a new spot and I couldn’t believe that Danielle let them. I stayed there for 5 million hours, okay maybe it wasn’t 5 million hours but it sure felt like it. Again there was a bunch of people that looked like the whole class and then they headed back inside. Wait what they I thought we were going back, wait I yelled as I came down everyone turned around and said “oh Tejas.  So soon I got told that I won two games in a row. 

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