Thursday, 26 October 2017


In India I was 5 years old. In the middle of the night I wet my bed. I woke up (at night) and saw what that answered my question of having sweaty legs I thought. Then a horrible idea crept into my mind, a naughty idea, a terrible idea, the worse idea of all time. Well  it was good for me because my sister would get the blame but my mum won't say anything to her because she is a baby that's what I call unfair. So it's kind of a revenge because my sister does stuff that I get blamed for like drawing on a wall and me getting the blame. I put my sister where I was sleeping and slept where she was sleeping. Luckily She hadn't wet the bed. Now I can blame her. The next morning my mum woke up found out that my sister had peed her pants, she sighed. I sighed with relief BAD MOVE my mum looked at me suspicious did you say something she asked no I said quickly.  I was about to slip out of the room and do a victory dance quietly but just then my mum found out that my sister's pants weren't wet and my pjs were looking dark. That's bad thing about white pjs.

So close to victory!!!!!!!
  But then I realized that I didn't change my pj so the bad thing was I had to change the bedsheets and do my homework which I absolutely hated to do and I still absolutely hate homework.

I learned that it's better to say what actually happened otherwise you get in some big time trouble

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