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Arts blog

8.21.2017    Arts Blog
Week 2 :
This term for Art we have been doing dance drama and music, and a visit to the city but I didn't go to city because I had a really bad headache. The only thing I did was dance because I wasn't here for the other activity. For dance I worked with Jack and we did a  forward shuffle. After we passed Jack’s polar fleece we would spin it around like a skipping rope. It probably would have been better if someone was actually skipping. The rest we did was just punching the air with both our hands and shuffling.

Week 3
We also did calendar art. We got to choose out so silhoutte, mosaic and strips. I chose strips and I got a great idea but it was really hard but I still did it. I had to find a leaf with lots of veins so I can colour over it. My strips weren't stuck on a paper from coloured paper, my strips were drawn on paper and they were  of different sizes.

Week 4
At ESOL I wrote lots of greetings and translated them in our own language but used English letters. We had to do fifteen greetings and fifteen. We also did them in our language so altogether it was sixty greetings and farewells. After that we had to create a 3D project and have the words on them.

Week 5
We have also been fly on the wall, that's when we all work in groups or by ourselves and we take a photo of what we think is the heart of Waimairi school for us. For example the library.

Week 6
Money shot

I chose this money shot because I think working together is the heart of waimairi school.

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