Thursday, 28 September 2017

13.9.2016 Sculpture reflection
We have been looking at found art this term. Finley, Niko and I have been looking at the wooden Kiwi but we did something way different. We made a wooden hut with a spoon roof. At first we were doing a kiwi but we decided to do a hut. 
Something that went well was that the hut turned out better than we thought it would turn out.  
A huge challenge for us was when we were making the kiwi because we had to whiten the the sticks and at the start we were using a saw but Mrs McCabe gave a better idea of sandpaper. 
We felt proud of what we made. We called it a Pizza Hut because it’s a hut. 
Something that went well was we had enough skewers and toothpicks to make the hut. 
We would change how we organise stuff because we didn't get to make the hut in the first day.

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