Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Science plan

4.7.2017.  Science Plan 
For my science I am working with Finley. We need lots of popsicle sticks to make improvements and add more things to it. We are adding a flying fox, a swing, a popsicle stick connected with a string which is connected to two platforms so it's a wobbly piece of popsicle stick to walk on and a monkey bar.  What we need is hot glue guns, lots of cardboard. We need to add a platform to the slide and a shelter. We will add some colours to it and add a climbing wall made out of card board and paper. We will add 4 pieces of string connected to a popsicle stick with a piece of cardboard connected to it. 
What I will bring is lots of cardboard because we need it do support somethings and we need it to make the climbing wall and to make some platforms so I need to remember to bring it. Finley is bringing some paint. 

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