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25.5. 2017. Science Blog
Week 4

This term our focus is science. For science Kahukura has been doing tug of war in different ways like boys vs girls, Room 13 vs 12. Both the teams were pulling as hard as they can and forcing the rope to stretch and become straight because it is getting pulled. I wonder if it would make a difference if it was tall vs short because people can be short but be strong.  

Week 5 

We also did catapult making. I worked with Isaac and Finley. Our  catapult fired two cotton balls at a time it a bunch of popsicle sticks tied together with two spoons tied on it and we have another big bunch of sticks to drop on the spoon. The gravity pulled the big bunch of sticks to the ground and fired the cotton balls into the 
air and then gravity pulled it back to the ground 

Week 6

I got to choose out of  3 activities which were ping pong ramp, chair pulley and basketball bounce. 
I made ramp in the tiered seating, I worked with Isaac, Ethan, Finley and Josh. We used meter rulers, pencils, cellotape, wood, books, leaning tables, book containers and a ping pong ball
We put pencils on the wood and the gravity made it stay on the wood and we sellotaped the pencil so it would go zig zag and then it hits a lap table and reflects it to the other one and it 
does that until it lands inside a book holder. 

Week 7

For week 7 I have been doing catapult making with Isaac and Ethan. We were measuring the distance it would go and then we would record the numbers of how many meters it went. We had to fire the first cotton ball normally then we would put a rubber band and keep adding more until we were up to ten rubber bands. For us it did go further as we put more rubber bands on because it was getting heavier but unfortunately it also went higher as we put more rubber bands on. I did not know why but I think it was because the speed was too much. We did this with a different catapult because our other one didnt turn out to fire very well. 

Week 8 

Force is something that pushes or pulls something. There are forces that go up or down the force that goes down is called gravity. A force is also a invisible energy shield. If something is the same speed but different weight and pushing towards each other, the one with more  weight will push the other one over because it has weight that helps the gravity make it stay on the ground more firmly. 

I have been doing catapult firing with Isaac and Ethan. Something that went well was that we finished our first test. Something that didn't go well was there was a little bit of wind so the tiny little cotton ball got a bit carried away with the wind and went on the left and I don't think the results weren't accurate. The worst thing was that our catapult broke and we couldn't do the next step which was firing three cotton balls at a time tied with a rubber band. We also did a graph that showed how many rubber bands we used and the distance it went. 

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